Jones College Prep Cross Country

Elite Season Fundraising Success Story



Time invested by coach



Photographed by Elite Season


Raised by team


Jones College Prep is a Chicago Public School on the south side of Chicago.
The girl's team has over fifty girls for the 2017 year and was expected to do fundraising.
Needed to support costs for new uniforms, offset travel expenses, and an end of the year banquet.


Before Elite Season, the team raised funds by helping at local road races.
They were seeking fundraising opportunities that would:

  • Generate revenue
  • Be of value to those who bought into the fundraiser
  • Not put unneeded pressure on their student-athletes, as well as their coach to produce.


The Elite Season team provided templated emails for Coach Reynolds to send out.
She sent out the emails before, during, and after the season.
Elite Season professional photographers attended four meets during the season, taking 6,000+ photos.
Photos were available for viewing and download soon after the event.

"This was the most effective fundraiser we've ever done. I spent less than 20 minutes over the course of the season and we raised over a grand in the process."

- Head Coach, Sarah Reynolds


Jones raised over $1,000, which paid for a new measuring wheel and 30 new uniforms!

Parents and relatives received professional quality action photos and prints of their student-athlete.

Time input was minimal on both the coach and students. Neither coach or student needed to directly handle transactions during the fundraiser.